Contributions to social dialogue

No 27: Integration and inclusion in the labour market in the European Union

No 26: Successful Social Dialogue in Europe – Criteria, Values and Implementation

No 25: New Challenges in Promoting Health and Safety at Work

No 24: Effective Vocational Training as an Important Task for Workers’ Organisations

No 23: Mobility and migration: co-ordination of social security – a stabilising element for life and work in Europe

No 22: Trade union strategies to promote good labour relations in a changing industrial landscape

No 21: The Role of Social Dialogue in Fighting Youth Unemployment. Europe 2020 Strategy – Situation of young people in the European labour market

No 20: Prospects for trade union action in Europe during and after the crisis: challenges, strategic approaches, self-conception and positioning

No 19: Checking the Balance Between Work and Private Life

No 18: The Quality of new Jobs and Challenges for Workers’ Organisations – The Europe 2020 Employment Package and job quality in the green economy, the ICT sector and the care sector

No 17: Europe 2020 – In-work poverty. Challenges for workers’ organisations

No 16: Demographic challenges in the labour market, vocational training and social security systems in Europe

No 15: Ways out of the Debt Crisis

No 14: Europe 2020 – How to meet the 75% employment rate target in a decent way?

No 13: Compatibility of work and family life

No 12: Youth unemployment

No 11: Stress - A Challenge for Health at Work

No 10: Information and consultation in SMEs

No 9: More and better jobs

No 8: Social inclusion

No 7: Balance between flexiblilty and security

No 6: Participative worker training and education in Europe

No 5: Ethics in enterprises

No 4: Equal opportunities for women and men on the labour market

No 3: Small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union

No 2: Migration and labour markets in selected regions of the European Union

No 1: Flexicurity - more security through greater flexibility in the labour market?

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Film of the EZA member Beweging.academie on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Rerum Novarum.

Film of the EZA member Beweging.academie on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Rerum Novarum.