Contributions to social dialogue

No 36: The impact of the digital world of work on the lives of workers and their families – socio-ethical considerations

No 35: Digital world of work – technological developments and changes at the workplace

No 34: European Pillar of Social Rights – Quo Vadis?

No 33: Integration of migrants and refugees in the labour market - the role of workers' organizations

No 32: Green Jobs

No 31: Migration and labour mobility

No 30: Youth and the labour market

No 29: Digital world of work

No 28: Working and living after the crisis

No 27: Integration and inclusion in the labour market in the European Union

No 26: Successful Social Dialogue in Europe – Criteria, Values and Implementation

No 25: New Challenges in Promoting Health and Safety at Work

No 24: Effective Vocational Training as an Important Task for Workers’ Organisations

No 23: Mobility and migration: co-ordination of social security – a stabilising element for life and work in Europe

No 22: Trade union strategies to promote good labour relations in a changing industrial landscape

No 21: The Role of Social Dialogue in Fighting Youth Unemployment. Europe 2020 Strategy – Situation of young people in the European labour market

No 20: Prospects for trade union action in Europe during and after the crisis: challenges, strategic approaches, self-conception and positioning

No 19: Checking the Balance Between Work and Private Life

No 18: The Quality of new Jobs and Challenges for Workers’ Organisations – The Europe 2020 Employment Package and job quality in the green economy, the ICT sector and the care sector

No 17: Europe 2020 – In-work poverty. Challenges for workers’ organisations

No 16: Demographic challenges in the labour market, vocational training and social security systems in Europe

No 15: Ways out of the Debt Crisis

No 14: Europe 2020 – How to meet the 75% employment rate target in a decent way?

No 13: Compatibility of work and family life

No 12: Youth unemployment

No 11: Stress - A Challenge for Health at Work

No 10: Information and consultation in SMEs

No 9: More and better jobs

No 8: Social inclusion

No 7: Balance between flexiblilty and security

No 6: Participative worker training and education in Europe

No 5: Ethics in enterprises

No 4: Equal opportunities for women and men on the labour market

No 3: Small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union

No 2: Migration and labour markets in selected regions of the European Union

No 1: Flexicurity - more security through greater flexibility in the labour market?

EZA Educational Programme 2020

Campaign "Healthy Workplaces: Manage dangerous substances"