Migration and labour markets in selected regions of the European Union

The migration of workers at the outer borders of the EU and their impact on the job market is an issue that has been discussed for several years now in the educational programme of EZA. The focus in these discussions has fallen again and again on three regions: the Baltic, the Black Sea area and the Mediterranean.

EZA therefore commissioned experts from Estonia, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain, Malta and Luxembourg to write a specialist report on each of their countries.  When these studies were presented and discussed as part of a seminar in Catania in November 2007, the vocational integration of immigrants in the destination country and development work with the countries from which they originate were defined as the central challenges for migration policy in Europe.

The expert reports from the seven countries appeared – along with an academic evaluation – collated into a single volume in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish (published in 2008 by Shaker Publishing). A copy of the academic evaluation, which as well as a summary of the key research findings also contains recommendations for trades unions and workers’ organisations, is contained in this brochure.

EZA hopes that both publications will add to the discussion of this theme in the seminars and provide a contribution to the European debate on migration from the perspective of workers’ organisations that are involved with the issue at grass-roots level both in their educational and everyday work.

This brochure is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and Rumanian and can be requested from EZA.