EZA is a non-profit organisation according to Luxembourg law. EZA’s general mission is exclusively and directly dedicated to charitable purposes. EZA does not strive to make a profit. Possible profits can only be used for the purposes set out in the statutes. EZA’s mission is to promote the social, economic and cultural development of communities on the basis of Christian-social values, with a special emphasis on the development of the social dialogue and on the social problems at the European level with regard to workers and disadvantaged population groups. EZA is a centre that promotes workers and disadvantaged population groups. In this context, it also works with the relevant non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

We have established the following executive bodies in order to achieve our tasks and objectives as per the statutes:

  • the General Assembly
  • the Council
  • the Management Committee (MAC)


The General Assembly consists of full members, associated members, observers and Council members

The Council consists of the President, the Co-President, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer, the Vice-President and the Further Members. At this time, the Council has 16 members representing 11 countries.

The EZA Management Committee:
President: Luc Van den Brande, Belgium
Co-President: Piergiorgio Sciacqua, Italy
Treasurer: Dr. Norbert Schnedl, Austria
Secretary-General: Sigrid Schraml, Germany

Vice-Presidents: Bogdan Hossu, Romania; Maria Reina Martin, Portugal; Herbert Metzger, Germany; Veselin Mitov, Bulgaria; Joseph Thouvenel, France.

Further Members: João Paulo Branco, Portugal; Bjorn van Heusden, Netherlands; Silviu Ispas, Romania; Carien Neven, Belgium; Jovita Pretzsch, Lithuania; Aneta Szczykutowicz, Poland; Romana Deckenbacher. Austria; Jerzy Jaworski, Poland


Participants in the Council meetings without voting rights

Honorary President: Bartho Pronk, Netherlands

Auditors: Bert van Caelenberg, Belgium; Alfonso Luzzi, Italy; Heidi Rabensteiner, Italy

Mission statement and EZA Charta for the Promotion of Equality