Impression from the CFTC seminar in Lisbon, November 2017

Impression from the CFTC seminar about "Reconciliation and balance between private life, family and work" in Lisbon, November 2017


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EZA News no. 3/2017


Digital world of work: Presentation of the two ongoing EZA project coordinations on technological developments and changes in the workplace, and on the impact of the digital world of labour on the lives of workers and their families; results of the academic-practical education project in the EZA academic programme

Digitalisation from the perspective of the DGB trade unions: Elke...

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EZA training programme 2017 appearing

The 2017 educational programme of the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA) will be comprised of the issues “Digital World of Work”, “European Pillar of Social Rights” and “Integration of migrants and refugees in the labour market”. Other topics include “Youth and labour market”, “Posting of workers: New forms of work and combating social dumping”, “Including the unemployed, long-time...

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Campaign "Healthy Workplaces for all Ages"

EZA Contributions to Social Dialoge

EZA focus "Youth and labour market"