Education and life-long learning

Hence the ability to learn throughout one’s life in order to adjust and enhance knowledge, qualifications and skills. It includes continuing education for those who already have a job, and retraining for those wishing to qualify for a new job, as well as apprenticeships or internships to obtain initial experience in the labour market. Our education work focuses on the possibilities that exist in the EU, the differences in the various EU countries, what works well (and not so well), and how the interests of workers can also be protected as part of the education programme.


European Year of skills: How to obtain more skills to cope with the digitalisation of the economy, work and society in order to promote new quality jobs. The role of workers' organisations in education reform and lifelong learning
Amarante / PT
Social Dialogue in Education: Inclusive education – challenges, opportunities and social partners involvement
Warsaw / PL
Capacity building of a modern trade union: Strengthening the educational and digitalization aspects
Mellieha / MT
Labour shortages between demography and migration: European workers' organisations' responses
Barcelona / ES


Effective Vocational Training as an Important Task for Workers’ Organisations

Demographic challenges in the labour market, vocational training and social security systems in Europe