At EZA, we not only work bilaterally with our partners but have also established platforms that allow our member centres to engage in theme-specific exchanges and add special accents to their work.

International Platform for Equal Opportunity IPEO

Contact person: Heidi Rabensteiner, Arbeiter-, Freizeit- und Bildungsverein AFB

The power of women is good for the development of society and community. That is our firm conviction. And truly – things are starting to move across Europe. More and more women have jobs, start careers and fill top positions in the public sector and in Boards of Directors. They are important role models. But despite this formal equality, a lot remains to be done to implement the principle of equal opportunity in the labour market. Some key words: access to labour markets, equal pay, career opportunities, flexible working hours. Appropriate social security must also include recognition of the time spent raising children and caring for others for pension purposes. After all, fathers must have more of an incentive to share family responsibilities with mothers. As an international platform, the IPEO provides information about these issues and promotes knowledge sharing with an annual symposium. Our target group consists of women from the EU region who are advocates for increasing awareness of women’s rights in the workplace and in society in their respective countries. At this time, the platform includes union and social organisations from Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Serbia and Lithuania. We would like to expand this group and would be pleased to receive your inquiries.

International Platform for Collaboration and Migration IPCM

Contact person: Maria Reina Martin, FIDESTRA-Portugal, Vice-President

The theme of this platform is always a hot topic because it is concerned with human dignity, which is our top priority as a European institution. And it is an aspect that has often been violated when it comes to refugees. Once they reach the hoped-for European paradise, they are often met with exploitation and social isolation. We want to do something about that. The IPCM was founded in 2004 by EZA and some of our members and has been a separate association since 2009, with a strong representation in southern Europe. Because - problems related to migration are first experienced by the countries in which the refugees first arrive on European soil. The issues we want to address include e.g. how to end the social exclusion of migrants, or how to promote peaceful coexistence using the instrument of the social dialogue. Measures in this regard exist primarily of continuing education and courses, and continuous knowledge sharing among our members. At this time, the platform includes 22 organisations from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Romania and Albania as either full members or observers. However, the IPCM is also open to new members who share our work approach and our principles.

Here you find the official website with further information.

Platform for Education PED

Contact person: Jozef Mozolewski

Where does education begin? Difficult question. One thing is certain, namely that education plays an important role in everyone's training experience. The future look of the European project will also depend on how many people get involved in the project. Teachers do important work in this context, which does not always receive the recognition it deserves. Therefore our platform is concerned with all workers in the education sector, and the harmonisation of family and work life, and it shares knowledge regarding the challenges in the education work of the various member states. These challenges are not easy to manage due to demographic trends, new technologies and a changing work environment, which is why activities related to life-long learning and professional training are also carried out in the context of this project. At this time, the platform includes members from Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Spain, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Hungary. Interested parties are asked to direct their inquiries to our contact person.

Platform For Young Workers PYW

Contact person: Kristina Hamm, Nell-Breuning-Haus Herzogenrath

Young workers are not just the future of our economy but also the future of our European project. They were hardest hit during the economic crisis and its consequences - with effects that are felt to this day, e.g. continued high youth unemployment in parts of Europe and increasingly unstable forms of employment for young people.  With this European platform for young people, our aim is to support and represent precisely this group of young people. “Together we can!” is the motto of our platform. Using practical means, we want to increase the number of young people participating in / presenting at our seminars, because they are the foundation and the experts of the future. In addition, our platform also provides a place where the many challenges for young people in the labour market can be discussed, where the awareness of these challenges can be increased, and where proven practices and experiences can be discussed and (joint) approaches can be developed. At this time, our platform consists of 30 members. Increasing the engagement of EZA member organisations in youth issues is a major aim in this regard, and we would like to / can offer support. We are therefore always happy to welcome new interested people who want to stand up for these contents and make a strong case for them.