Building the capacities of workers’ organizations

Strong workers’ organizations are needed to create a social Europe. In our complex work society, they represent interests and are actively involved in companies and in society, and therefore ensure a balance and social stability. To this end, they need skills, resources, advice and education. With our programme, we ensure that workers’ organizations can remain active for the benefit of a social Europe, and that they are able to expand the range of their activities.


Will the Transnational Company Agreements (TCA) allow a negotiated approximation of labour standards in multinational corporations in the EU?
New members of trade unions as the basis for the development of social dialogue
What kind of Europe do we want to build? Workers’ perspective
Bled / SI
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Restore democracy at work: fighting for better jobs, strong collective bargaining and enforceable workers’ rights
Kick-off seminar: priorities of the European social dialogue
Strengthening the social dimension in the European Packaging Sector: towards a functioning and representative European Social Dialogue committee
Ostend / BE
Strengthening democracy through equality and social justice
Olanesti / RO
Workers‘ Representatives 2.0 – Capacity Building for trade unions and workers organisations
St. Julians /MT


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