Building the capacities of workers’ organizations

Strong workers’ organizations are needed to create a social Europe. In our complex work society, they represent interests and are actively involved in companies and in society, and therefore ensure a balance and social stability. To this end, they need skills, resources, advice and education. With our programme, we ensure that workers’ organizations can remain active for the benefit of a social Europe, and that they are able to expand the range of their activities.


A new European values framework for socio-economic and socio-political capacity building – Preparing the 9th European Social Week
Brussels / BE
Capacity building of a modern trade union: Strengthening the educational and digitalization aspects
Mellieha / MT


Strategies of European Workers' Organisations for Capacity Building

Inspiring events for social dialogue

Integration of migrants and refugees in the labour market - the role of workers' organizations

Successful Social Dialogue in Europe – Criteria, Values and Implementation

Trade union strategies to promote good labour relations in a changing industrial landscape

Prospects for trade union action in Europe during and after the crisis: challenges, strategic approaches, self-conception and positioning

Participative worker training and education in Europe