Work mobility and migration

Europe became a destination for millions of mainly African and Asian refugees long before 2015. These refugee movements have become a major challenge for European policy-makers and create different demands on European countries. A central aspect of integration can be solved if these individuals are able to obtain dignified work. In that case, migration becomes an opportunity for Europe. But work mobility within the EU must also be fair. After all, 17 million EU citizens work in an EU state outside of their home country. This has serious consequences not just for the families they leave behind but also for the countries that experience a loss of workers (key word: “Brain Drain”). At EZA, we use our education work to develop ideas how work mobility and migration can be designed to benefit all workers.


Special project for workers' organisations in candidate countries – Workforce shortage: how to reduce it by intensifying the connection between educational institutions and employers
Zagreb / HR
On the move – the rights and integration of mobile workers
Paris / FR


Integration of migrants and refugees in the labour market - the role of workers' organizations

Migration and labour mobility

Migration and labour markets in selected regions of the European Union