Climate change, sustainability and work

These three aspects have become inexorably linked especially in the time of “Fridays for Future”. This also includes the structural transformation in Europe - away from coal towards renewable energies, with the resulting impact on the labour market. But also the creation of “green jobs”. The European Commission views green jobs as those jobs that support ecosystems, save energy and raw materials and use renewable energy. But it is also about making workplaces more humane. EZA uses its education work to discuss how this can be done.


"Fit for 55" – how can the Social Climate Fund promote economic growth and create green jobs?
Baia Mare / RO
The European Green Deal: Challenges for workers
Catania / IT
Green jobs in a climate change era: how to promote the employability of young workers?
Milan / IT


Green Jobs

The Quality of new Jobs and Challenges for Workers’ Organisations – The Europe 2020 Employment Package and job quality in the green economy, the ICT sector and the care sector