Deviations in the seminar schedule may occur due to the current corona crisis. All information without guarantee.

Seminar Programme

In our role as an education provider, we offer more than 70 seminars a year on a variety of issues related to workers’ questions - including work mobility, sustainability and demographic change. Maintaining the focus on Europe is important to us. Therefore our educational activities are held in 30 different countries. Overview:


WEBINAR: Renewal in workers‘ organisations – communication and public relations
“Modern slavery” – how labour migration impacts on the lives and health of people involved and what the possibilities are for workers‘ organisations improving them
Health and safety at work: How can the number of work-related illnesses be reduced by information and prevention?
New work – social and fair – let the good aspects flourish in Europe
Involvement and participation of workers in decision- making
Industrial Revolution 4.0: Improving Occupational Health and Safety
Back to home and hearth? Aspiration and reality of the work-life balance rules
Will the Transnational Company Agreements (TCA) allow a negotiated approximation of labour standards in multinational corporations in the EU?
The world of work in light of the challenges of climate change: a question for the social dialogue in times of environmental change
The future of labour in new work scenarios: digital integration in collaborative and innovative work surroundings

EZA education and training programme 2020

Due to the Corona crisis, there are various changes in the programme. We will try to inform you in good time about the changes and postponements. Thank you for your understanding.

Other topics include “Integrating migrants and refugees in the labour market”, “Inclusive labour markets”, “Capacity building”, the “Contribution of workers’ organizations to social justice in Europe” as well as “Working and living in a digitized world”.

Detailed information about individual seminars, contact partners and the registration modalities can be found in the programme.