Youth employment

It is one of the biggest problems in the European Union: youth unemployment. It is the cause of social tensions and hopelessness, particularly in the countries of southern and south-eastern Europe. And in many European countries, young workers suffer from low wages and precarious working conditions. Often, they are not able to access labour markets, so many young people emigrate to try their luck abroad. At the same time, young people are the future of Europe and the European Union. At EZA, we use our networks to identify solutions and promote new approaches for youth employment.


Special project for workers' organisations in candidate countries – Let's talk about the young generation – possible solutions and strategies for dealing with unemployment and the outflow of labor in the Western Balkans and EU countries
Ohrid / MK
Equal opportunities in the labour market: Creating an inclusive labour market for all generations. Young and older workers - two sides of the same coin!
Kladovo / RS
A young perspective on equal opportunities: How much is there to Europe's great values?
Brussels / BE
Young leaders course – 3rd part
Calvi (Corse) / FR
Inclusion of persons with disabilities into the educational system and the labour market – current challenges faced by workers and employers
Lublin / PL
Better education and training for young workers: the key to Europe's future
Santiago de Compostela / ES
Green jobs in a climate change era: how to promote the employability of young workers?
Milan / IT
Generation Z coming into the labour market. What will be the impact and the challenges?
Copenhagen / DK


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Youth unemployment