Humane work

A secure workplace that guarantees good wages and social security for workers and their families, as well as opportunities for advancement and fulfilling work with good working conditions. That should be possible for all workers in Europe. But the reality often looks different. We organise the exchange and knowledge transfer between workers’ organizations with regard to these issues, so that humane work in Europe can become a reality.


“Modern slavery” – how labour migration impacts on the lives and health of people involved and what the possibilities are for workers‘ organisations improving them
Will the Transnational Company Agreements (TCA) allow a negotiated approximation of labour standards in multinational corporations in the EU?
The future of labour in new work scenarios: digital integration in collaborative and innovative work surroundings
Social justice as a precondition for a democratic development of society which respects the individual and helps his/her development and integration in society: the role of workers‘ organisations
Brno / CZ
Restore democracy at work: fighting for better jobs, strong collective bargaining and enforceable workers’ rights
Strengthening democracy through equality and social justice
Olanesti / RO
What are the conditions for developing areas without long-term unemployment?
The case for or against a robot tax: Continuing to guarantee the financing of our social model in the face of robotization and AI
For decent work in a socially and environmentally sustainable economy


The impact of the digital world of work on the lives of workers and their families – socio-ethical considerations

Checking the Balance Between Work and Private Life

Europe 2020 – In-work poverty. Challenges for workers’ organisations

Compatibility of work and family life

More and better jobs

Ethics in enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union