Participative worker training and education in Europe

In order to be able to understand and arrange content and to allow participation, we must be able to make connections and, thereby, such skills, which allow us to orientate and assess today’s world.

The capacity to assess and decide frequently comes at the end of a process or represents the aim of a phase. Seeing, assessing and acting, these are the skills required more than ever by workers and their representatives in today’s, rapidly changing employment sector.

The raison-d’être of this work was many study results were indeed disclosed, but are not transformed into quality, subsequent training and education tasks and, therefore, cannot be transmitted to “end users” by worker organisations. This is the reason why EZA is attempting to close these gaps.

This work has been anchored on a very current theme, on the situation suffered by many workers, who do not earn enough to cover the daily needs of themselves and their families. This situation, which is hard to represent correctly, is given the term “Working Poor” and this problem is currently under intensive discussion within several worker organisations.

This work was simultaneously used for the further development of the guideline that has existed for several years and is used to develop the quality of international seminars for workers organisations.

This brochure is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Czech and Lithuanian and can be requested from EZA.