Youth unemployment

For years youth unemployment has been one of the most pressing problems in the European labor market; in autumn 2011 the unemployment rate in the 15-24 years age bracket was more than double the general unemployment rate. More and more young people are facing the prospect of absolutely nothing; they are neither involved in education or training nor are they working.

In its “Europe 2020” strategy, the European Commission focuses on improving the education and training situation, its aim being for the percentage of school drop-outs to fall and at least 40% of the younger generation to have a higher education degree by 2020. The dual aim of the flagship initiative “Youth on the move” is to make education and training systems in the countries of Europe more efficient and to make it easier for young people to enter the labor market.

For years combating youth unemployment in Europe has been one of the key focal issues of the “European Social Dialogue” education and training program of the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA). By setting up the Platform for Young Workers in Europe in 2006 and organizing three European conferences on this issue so far, EZA has set itself the task of promoting the involvement of young workers in three fields: training, the labor market and the work of workers’ organizations.

In the 2011 education and training year, EZA coordinated projects on the theme of “youth unemployment”, the focal point of which was a European conference of young workers organized by Europejski Dom Spotka? - Fundacja Nowy Staw (FNS) and a seminar run by the Catholic-Social Institute (KSI) in Bad Honnef: their results and recommendations for action are summarized in this brochure.

The brochure has been published in English and Polish and can be requested from EZA.

Brochure for downloading:

Im Jahr 2011 koordinierte EZA mehrere Projekte zum Thema Jugendarbeitslosigkeit, die in eine paneuropäischen Konferenz junger Arbeitnehmer – ausgerichtet  vom Europejski Dom Spotkan / Fundacja Nowy Staw (FNS) – sowie ein Seminar des Katholisch-Sozialen Instituts (KSI) in Bad Honnef mündeten. Die Ergebnisse beider Veranstaltungen sowie deren einschlägige Handlungsempfehlungen werden in der vorliegenden Broschüre zusammengefasst.

Die Broschüre ist auf Englisch und Polnisch erschienen und kann bei EZA angefordert werden.

Broschüre zum Herunterladen:

Youth unemployment