No. 41 Strategies of European Workers’ Organisations for Capacity Building

In this final report, strategies for capacity building of European workers’ organisations are contrasted with the manifold challenges of the societal and technological transformation:

an ageing society with changing needs at the workplace and in care, rapidly changing technologies, more migration, a growing number of non-standard jobs, new risks for workers’ health, international pressure on the right to strike or centralisation in collective bargaining are causing changes in the requirements of representing workers. A reduction in the numbers of members and trade union density in most European countries and ageing of the organisations make it necessary to look for new solutions: young people should once again unionise; alternative solution tools have to be tested and global problems countered with global organisations. In this report, five seminars from the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA) in the 2018/19 education year on the topics outlined above are documented, analysed and addressed; secondly, the results of the education process are embedded in an academic framework.

Strategies of European Workers' Organisations for Capacity Building