No. 38 Living and working in a digitalized world

For many years now, the workers' organisations linked together in EZA have felt - as everywhere in Europe - that digitisation is increasingly challenging their actions.

The title of this publication, "Working and living in a digitalised world", directs the attention very precisely to the issues that concern workers' organisations in this context. After all, it is no longer just a question of helping to shape workplaces accordingly, but also of taking up the effects of digitisation that are being experienced throughout society and will shape the future of all of us.

The opportunities offered by digital technologies
There are also numerous opportunities here. An increasing number of digital technologies are available that can help to achieve a better balance between private and professional life. In general, a digital working world could lead to shorter working hours and more leisure time. Young people may be given new employment opportunities and older workers may be relieved of heavy work that is a strain on their health.

Such opportunities can be better exploited if a good social dialogue is practised, employee organisations act knowledgeably and with foresight, and risks are identified and eliminated at an early stage. The discussions that appear in this publication are almost always determined by carefully weighing up opportunities and risks and finding the best solutions.

This requires a lot of education and networking. Employee organisations also need more and new partners in civil society. This is another insight that was repeatedly made clear in the seminars on which this publication is based.