Flexicurity - more security through greater flexibility in the labour market?

The flexicurity concept has been on the agenda of the European social policy for several years. At the moment, it is a much discussed topic in the political as well as in the academic realm. In the past years EZA has also recorded increasing interest in the subject matter during the seminars of its training programme “European Social Dialogue”. For this reason EZA decided to make a contribution towards the ongoing flexicurity debate on the European level by means of a research publication.

The results of the research appeared in book form in 2008 with Shaker publishing house. This brochure contains a summary.

In the centre is a questionnaire which was sent to trade unions, particularly such unions with a Christian Social background. A summarising evaluation of the most important, thoroughly interesting responses from various European countries thus also represents a focal point of this brochure. Good flexicurity practices from the various European countries in which the member states can also draw upon during the implementation of flexicurity measures is also of importance.

This brochure is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and Rumanian and can be requested from EZA.