Prospects for trade union action in Europe during and after the crisis: challenges, strategic approaches, self-conception and positioning


In the 2013 budget year, under its education and training programme “European Social Dialogue” the EZA project co-ordination on the issue of perspectives of decision-making and responsibility for workers’ organisations in Europe after the crisis, putting the focus on challenges, strategic approaches, self-conception and positioning of workers’ organisations as well as on the interplay of requirements for workers’ organisations described above.

In terms of the themes, this project co-ordination was linked with earlier EZA seminars dealing with the topics of effective employee representation, future ways for workers’ organisations in Europe, and the changing requirements regarding the effective work of employee’ organisations in a rapidly changing working environment. Furthermore this project co-ordination can also be seen in line with the 2012 project coordination dealing with the topic “Ways out of the debt crisis” and the recommendations for workers’ organisations regarding their role after the peak of the crisis.

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