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100 years of WOW

EZA congratulates member centre.

New regulation for EU minimum wage

Negotiations have reached a breakthrough.

EZA works councils confirmed in office

Victoria Znined and Norbert Klein continued their work for co-determination.

Conference on the Future of Europe, and Now?

Reaction to the final report.

Fighting exploitation on the streets

European Labour Authority (ELA) Framework for Action on Road Transport

The future of care in the EU

Hearing and debate in the EMPL and FEMM Committees

Directive on Due Diligence in Supply Chains

EU Commission adopts proposal for big companies.

Call for donations for Ukraine

EZA supports Ukrainian member Vost-Volya and Poland.

Vacancies at EZA

The European Centre for Workers' Questions offers three positions.

Solidarity with Ukraine

EZA condemns Russian attack on Ukraine.