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Report of the Social Protection Committee (SPC)

The annual report provides information on developments in social policy and makes recommendations for future action.

Young people "should show solidarity"

"#Solid@rność Promoting Solidarity" is a project implemented within the framework of the XV Economic Forum Young Leaders - online by the European House of Encounter - of the "Nowy Staw" Foundation.

EU directive on fair minimum wages presented

The goal is a decent life - no matter where the workplace is located.

"More than one reality: Being young on the european labourmarket today!"

The digital conference of EZA's Platform For Young Workers (PYW).

SURE system presented

EU financial instrument tackles the economic and social consequences of the pandemic

EZA mourns the loss of its Honorary President Leo Pauwels

The Honorary President of EZA has died at the age of 84.

Reinforced European Youth Guarantee against youth unemployment after COVID-19

Cindy Franssen (EPP) on new measures to combat youth unemployment.

Action week: #EU4FairWork

The EU Commission is taking positive stock of the campaign against undeclared work.

Guideline for Christian Social Teaching

EZA analyzes the papal encyclical "Fratellli tutti" for workers' organisations.

Portugal a model for EU solution

The country on the Atlantic has a long tradition of minimum wages. The EU could now benefit from this.