"EU-members must abide by the rule of law"

EZA-President Luc Van den Brande on the results of the latest EU-Summit.

EZA-President Luc Van den Brande

The results of the EU-Summit have shown, that the European Union can cope with a fundamental crisis, such as the Corona-Crisis. We need European solidarity in order to help the countries which were most harmed by the pandemic. However, it must be self-evident that EU-members abide by the rule of law.

If the EU wants to emerge stronger from the Crisis we have to ensure that the recovery fund serves future-oriented investments. The crisis has also shown that companies with a strong Social Dialog a better prepared to deal with the current challenges.

The Social Dialog is an effective tool to regain economic growth. It is an important instrument to stabilize working conditions and, therefore, also social cohesion. In a period, in which many workers all around Europe have to face existencial threats, the European Union has to provide the necessary means and protective systems.

The EU-Commission could strengthen the planned budget to support initiatives for social dialogue in the annual operating budget of the EU. We count on the support of the European institutions.