Impact of the new active labour market policy in Europe

The seminar will concentrate on current labour market policies in Malta and other European countries and the EU, with a particular focus on

  • the challenges posed by increasing labour force participation in terms of a work and family life balance,
  • the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the labour market and the risk of a lost generation,
  • improving employment opportunities for people with disabilities,
  • experiences of third-country nationals working in low-paid jobs and the downward pressure on the wages of other workers,
  • retraining and up-skilling the workforce to meet the needs of the changing economy and new challenges,
  • meeting the needs in specific sectors where there is a shortage of workers,
  • effects of automation and artificial intelligence on the labour market,
  • combating the shadow economy and empowering low-income earners to fight for their rights.

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