Digital World of Work

In an academic-practical education project in the 2016/2017 education year, the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA), in conjunction with the research Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) commissioned by the Österreichisches Zentrum für Arbeitnehmerbildung (ÖZA, Austrian Centre for Workers’ Training), contributed academic findings on digitalisation and the labour market to the seminars of five education partners from the EZA network, and enhanced this knowledge with experience from the practice of workers’ organisations.

This “Digital World of Work” research report is the result of the cross-fertilisation of academia and practice. It gives inter alia an insight into the most important digitalisation phenomena, describes the basic research into the possible employment effects, and explains the main academic theses and approaches.

But more than anything it gives recommendations from academic analysis – especially for the activity of workers’ organisations.

he brochure is published in German, English, Spanish and Croatian, authors are Susanne Kirchner and Barbara Angleitner, Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS).

Digital world of work