"Work transition is one click away"

The WorkTransitionCEE project deals with trends in the world of work in Central and Eastern Europe.

To inform about new trends in the world of work in Central and Eastern Europe, workers' organisations from six countries have launched the website www.worktransition.eu.

At www.worktransition.eu, interested parties can find relevant studies and reports, research results and the latest news on the structural changes caused by the progressive automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial processes using modern smart technologies (Industry 4.0).

The challenges raised by digitalisation and artificial intelligence will be explored for 22 months by a consortium bringing together six representative social partners from Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries (Concordia (RO), BNS (RO), MGYOSZ (HU), VASAS (HU), RUZ (SK), NKOS (SK)). NKOS is a membre centre at EZA.

The six organisations from Romania, Hungary and Slovakia involved in the project are presenting themselves with a new visual identity. The new site will be used by the organisations to publish the latest research on how Industry 4.0 is influencing sectoral dynamics in each country.

WorkTransitionCEE brings a new perspective to social dialogue by proposing innovative tools and methods, such as job scaping, co-creation and insights into trends, to improve the capacity of social partners to respond to the challenges of occupational change. The content will be available in English. The research reports will also be published in Romanian, Hungarian and Slovak.