New work - social and just!

The KAB-Germany has published a position paper on the future of work in Europe. These are the demands.

Europe is in a process of digital transformation of the economy, work and society. The EU Commission sees the concept of "Industry 4.0" as an opportunity not only to produce high-quality products, but also to promote environmentally friendly and socially sustainable production. The KAB (Catholic Workers' Movement Germany) has published a position paper on this.

At this point in time, the consequences of the Corona pandemic on the development of the economy in Europe and the European labour market cannot yet be foreseen. The current situation is characterised by uncertainty and fear among many workers. At the same time, it is noticeable that more and more people are in favour of a different way of doing business that is oriented towards the needs of people and human dignity.

In the last few months we have had to learn what kind of work is system-relevant. The pandemic has shifted the scale of values. And questions of climate change, the waste of resources and the increasing pollution and destruction of our environment are also coming more into focus and gaining in importance. This is linked to the desire for a different kind of growth.

In this context, the term "post-growth society" is often used. Not everything that is produced is needed. Not everything that creates (gainful) employment is social and serves people. Decent, fair, social and just must be the guiding principles for "good work" in Europe. In addition to analysing the current situation, the paper addresses the question of whether the "activity society" can be a future model for Europe to make our society social and just.

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