Action week: #EU4FairWork

The EU Commission is taking positive stock of the campaign against undeclared work.

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Symbolic image: aerial view of the Berlaymont building in Brussels Photo: Lukasz Kobus/EC - Audiovisual Service

Action Week #EU4FairWork was the highlight of the European Platform's first campaign to tackle undeclared work in cooperation with the European Labour Authority.

The European Platform addressing undeclared work is composed of more than 50 members and observers from labour inspectorates, tax and social security authorities of the EU Member States, Norway and Iceland, as well as trade unions, employers' associations, federations and other social partners.

During this first campaign, they organised a wide range of events and activities to promote a culture of fair working conditions. The message: undeclared work is not profitable - it is time to make the transition.

Inspiring examples of events and activities and also of how countries worked together on this can be found on the European Commission's homepage. This kind of EU campaign offers a huge opportunity to jump on the bandwagon in the years to come.

You will also find how labour inspectorates, social partners and other organisations across Europe created videos and information brochures, launched dedicated websites, reached out to the media, organised webinars and worked together across borders through staff exchanges and concerted inspections. Most of the events took place virtually.

There are also examples of activities targeting particular groups such as youth and students, foreign or displaced workers, road transport, the informal economy and the exploitation of foreign labour.