Cartel Alfa fights for workers' rights in Romania

The EZA member centre campaigns for the abolition of precarious working conditions in Romania.

Construction workers in the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Cartel Alfa, one of the EZA member centres, defends Romanian workers against the Romanian government because it is unacceptable for Cartel Alfa that the government in Bucharest:

  • ignores the law establishing minimum wages and the government formula for calculating the minimum wage,
  • increased the minimum wages by only 3.1%, although they were supposed to increase by 8%,
  • freezes promised wage increases for many public sector workers,
  • maintaining a flat tax rate that increases inequality and a law that makes collective bargaining almost impossible.

Cartel Alfa finds it shocking that the "increased" minimum net wage is equal to half the value of the basket of goods for one person. Romanian minimum wages are below poverty wages. The reduction in the value of the requested increase is a scandal for many workers.

Cartel Alfa states that labour productivity in Romania is 66% of the EU average per hour, but labour costs are a pathetically low 35% of the EU average. Romanian workers do not receive a fair share of the wealth they produce. As a result, it is not surprising that Romania suffers from brain drain and massive emigration.

Cartel Alfa demands a decent minimum wage, fair pensions, quality public services, free collective bargaining, fair taxation and correct application of legislation.