Platform workers: EP has taken its position.

The majority of the MEP’s adopted the resolution to support the full rights for platform workers.

The MEPs support the full rights for platform workers. It is an important step in the procedure to make a new directive. But we know already that it will be a difficult path to reach the final goal, because the platform lobbyists already succeeded in rejecting a proposal during the Czech presidency and making the presumption of employment meaningless for workers. And thus is the position of the EP far more ambitious then the actual position of the Council.

The position of the EP will end bogus self-employment and precariousness in digital labour platforms, counting already 28 million workers.

The adopted report in the EP is supporting the platform workers with:

  • The right for a proper employment contract with normal conditions regarding wages according to national legislation or collective agreement, paid sick leave and holiday.
  • Measures to protect the market of genuine self-employed workers.
  • Supporting the fair competition between companies.

European trade unions underline in their comment that these proposals support Europe’s social model and prevent it from further eroding by a spiral of downward competition based on evasion of labor, tax and social obligations.