The future of work – post pandemic work, workers and workplace

- Vilnius / LT

The project is to

  • raise awareness of representatives of workers’ organisations about policies and strategies of European Commission of post-pandemic world of work and the post-covid work environment and to discuss possible scenarios of job security and quality of work conditions,
  • analyse physical and psychological impact of COVID19 and challenges for occupational safety and health to employees,
  • discuss the impact and main challenges of pandemics to organisations representing workers and to share best practices and experiences from different countries,
  • prepare recommendations regarding safe, healthy, and decent working conditions and environments in post-pandemic world taking into account best practices from different European countries.

LDF Education Center  (VsI Lithuanian Labor Federation Education Center )
Rasita Martišė
Tel.: +370 - 656 - 3 41 43
E-mail: rasitaj(at)gmail.com

Languages: de, en, es, lt

Project no.: 22-04-22-SE