The evolution of social dialogue in the era of the Covid 19-pandemic and digitalization

The project is to

  • analyse whether social dialogue has been affected by the pandemic in EU countries and whether at the union’s level there is a general policy to support social dialogue in crisis situations,
  • do an in-depth analysis of the consequences and effects induced by the pandemic on the functioning of social dialogue on EU level,
  • draw attention on the vulnerability of stability of efficiency of social dialogue in case of crises.

CSDR / Departamentul Educare - Formare al CSDR (Confederaţia Sindicatelor Democratice din România / Departamentul Educare - Formare al Confederaţiei Sindicatelor Democratice din România)
Ioan Leon Naroşi
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E-mail: international@csdr.ro

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Project no.: 22-01-22-SE