Stop waiting for the next crisis: decent working conditions and fair wages now!

The project highlights the European approach and the initiatives of workers' organisations to defend democracy and workers' rights in a time of violent conflicts at the EU borders and to put common values and long-term goals to the test. The project will therefore:

  • explore new ideas on how to lay the foundations for a just, green and digital society in a time of multiple crisis;
  • identify the major challenges in terms of priorities in social policy to shape economic recovery while addressing inequalities;
  • stimulate debate on the link between decent work and economic recovery from a trade union perspective

PODKREPA CL (Confederation of Labour PODKREPA)
Veselin Mitov
Tel.: +359 - 2 - 987 98 87
E-mail: vesko(at)podkrepa.org

Languages: bg, de, en, fr

Project no.: 09-08-23-SE