Special project for workers' organisations in candidate countries – Let's talk about the young generation – possible solutions and strategies for dealing with unemployment and the outflow of labor in the Western Balkans and EU countries

Ohrid / MK

The project is about the difficult education, labour and living conditions of young people of Western Balkan countries which provokes constant emigration of these age group to EU countries with important consequences for the demographic situation. It is foreseen to discuss at best practices and political approaches to create a positive labour, education and living environment in the region and to look what contributions to that could be done by the social dialogue and workers' organisations.

YHACM - UNASM - UIATUM (Union of Independent Autonomous Trade Unions of Macedonia)
Slobodan Antovski
Tel.: +389 - 75 - 25 11 24
E-mail: slobodan.unasm(at)gmail.com

Languages: mk, sh, al, en/de

Project no.: 30-05-24-SP