Social security – A foundation for peace and democracy - Part 1

Bolzano / IT

This project explores the importance of social inequality/security for peace and democracy in Europe and social security systems will be examined from the perspective of co-creation and proactive responsibility. Precarious work and cross-border labour mobility and the associated need for action in Europe will also be examined, revealing differences and similarities in social security systems in various European countries.

KAB Deutschlands (Katholische Arbeitnehmer-Bewegung Deutschlands e.V.)
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Christoph Holbein-Munske and Norbert Jansen
Tel.: +49 - 23 64 - 105 - 0
E-mail: holbein-munske(at)koenzgenhaus.de  and  jansen(at)koenzgenhaus.de

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Project no.: 11-05-23-SE - Part 1