More Europe. More social, greener, fairer - Part 4

- Brussels / BE

The project is about

  • rising awareness of Europeans with regard to energy transition to a conscious consumption of resources and respect for the environment,
  • application of the European pillar of social rights for a greater inclusion and support of mobile workers, for the investment in gender policies and for the reduction of educational poverty,
  • raising awareness of young European workers about the values of peace and respect for the person.

ACLI - ENAIP (Associazioni Cristiane Lavoratori Italiani - Ente Nazionale ACLI Istruzione Professionale)
Matteo Bracciali
Tel.: +39 - 06 - 584 05 96
E-mail: matteo.bracciali(at)acli.it

Languages: de, en, fr, it

Project no.: 21-01-22-SE (part 4)