Mobility and social security for the young workers in the hospitality branch

Limassol / CY

The project focuses on labour mobility in the hospitality sector and how to increase the level of organisation of foreign workers, and to promote the cooperation of workers' organisations to support and advise the relevant workers. A paper will be prepared with the corresponding proposals.

IFES (Institutul de Formare Economică şi Socială)
Silviu Traian Ispas
Tel.: +40 - 264 - 4125 27
E-mail: ifes(at)ifes.ro

in cooperation with

KIKEA-DEOK (Cypriot Institute of Training/Education and Employment (KIKEA) - DEOK)
Constantinos Eleftheriou
Tel.: +357 - 22 - 21 03 60
E-mail: constantinos(at)deok.org.cy

Languages: bg, el, en, ro

Project no.: 04-02-23-SE