We keep growing: two new EZA members

New members from Portugal and Moldova

We are delighted to welcome two new members from Moldova and Portugal to the EZA family on October 19.

We are particularly pleased to welcome Confederaţia Naţională a Sindicatelor din Moldova (CNSM), from the candidate country Moldova. The National Confederation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Moldova is a national, cross-industry trade union federation. The main purposes of the Confederation are: representation and protection of social, professional, collective and individual rights and interests of trade union members at national level, modernization and development of social dialogue and social partnership; progressive realization of social justice and dignity at work; strengthening of trade unions at all levels and strengthening the role of civil society.

We are also delighted to welcome our fourth member from Portugal. Sindicato da Energia (SINERGIA) was founded in Portugal in 1989 and represents the values of freedom, independence, humanism, integrity and ambition. Since its foundation, SINERGIA has always put people - or "human capital", as it is known today - at the forefront. Today more than ever, when it comes to the competitiveness of society and the economy in a sustainable way, people must necessarily be at the heart of any strategy, in a new participative network logic..

With these values and convictions, CNSM and SINERGIA are in harmony with EZA and we look forward to working together and a stimulating exchange.

A warm welcome!