Solidarnosc raises its voice for those who can’t

EZA is proud to have such a committed member

Luc Van den Brande, EZA President and Sigrid Schraml, EZA Secretary General travelled to Warsaw in mid-February to meet with KK NSSZ Solidarnosc. There they spoke with President, Piotr Duda, Vice-President Bogdan Kubiak and the Treasurer Jerzy Jaworski. Also present were representatives of the International Department, Mateusz Szymanski and Yury Ravavoi, and Agnieszka Rybczynska, representing the European projects.

In a very good and fruitful discussion, all participants intensively exchanged views on the current situation in Europe. The focus was on Solidarnosc's commitment to Ukraine and Belarus. Among other things, Solidarnosc stands up for people who worked in trade unions in Belarus and have now been imprisoned there. So that their names, their work and their fates are not forgotten.

Two imprisoned people can be seen in the pictures.

Aliaksandr Yarashuk - President of the BKDP

Yanina Malash - leader of the SPM trade union.

EZA is proud to have such a committed member and supports the project. Furthermore, we are pleased about the close and good cooperation with Solidarnosc in recent years. Thanks to a large number of joint European seminars in recent years, the social dialogue in the EU has been strengthened.