Greenbook on ageing

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on demographic change.

Demographic change in Europe is a major concern for the European Commission (EC) and for all those involved in policy for the future. The EC has therefore put this issue as a priority on the EU policy agenda.

Currently, 20% of the EU population is aged 65 and over, and by 2070 this figure will rise to 30%. In view of this demographic change, which is ageing Europe's population, this Green Paper aims to launch a broad public debate on the subject.

The public consultation opened on 27 January 2021 and closes on 21 April 2021. The Green Paper addresses all aspects related to ageing.

Topics include:

  • Health and active ageing,
  • Education and training in a lifelong perspective,
  • employment and productivity, innovation and business opportunities,
  • poverty in old age,
  • adequate, equitable and sustainable pension systems,
  • health and long-term care,
  • access to care and services,
  • Improving well-being through intergenerational solidarity.

After each chapter in this document there are questions to be answered. The Commission encourages organisations to participate in this survey. Access to it can be found here.