EZA goes digital: Webinar series started

Employee interests in the Corona period and social media: EZA offers webinars three days in a row.

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Boris Beker, Social-Media-Expert, Contentartists.

Andreas Gjecaj, FCG Austria

Together with the EZA member ÖZA (Austrian Centre for Workers' Questions) from Vienna, EZA offers webinars for three days in a row. The topics range from employee interests during the Corona crisis to social media training. In this way, EZA is taking a further step towards digitalisation and modernisation.

On Wednesday 24.6., workers' organisations will discuss strategies and ways to continue work during the Corona crisis. Representatives from Romania, Poland and Lithuania will report from their respective countries. The webinar will be simultaneously translated online into seven languages. Andreas Gjecaj, General Secretary of the FCG (Faction of Christian Trade Unions in the OEGB) will lead through the event as moderator. In the afternoon, the Board of Directors of EZA will hold its first purely digital meeting.

Social Media: How tu use it? Why using it?

Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to new communication: together with social media experts Contentartists from Vienna, ÖZA and EZA will offer a training course for social media. The workshop is to serve as a starting signal for a European content network for workers' organisations.

It is about the differences between the different platforms and how employee organisations and trade unions can use these platforms for their work. The webinar will be recorded and can be made available.