EZA Contributions to social dialogue 33 published: Integration of migrants and refugees in the labour market - the role of workers' organizations

People on the Mediterranean continue to risk their lives fleeing war and hunger in their homeland and looking for a better perspective in Europe. Therefore, a European debate is still crucial in finding collective answers to the political and social challenges associated with flight and migration.

The report presented here summarizes the results of a series of seminars from the 2017/2018 education year organized by the European Centre for Workers 'Questions (EZA) with the participation of six of its member centres on "Integration of migrants and refugees in the labour market - the role of workers' organizations" Has. It makes clear that labour migration and flight have specific causes and require different differentiated political and social measures and guidelines. Integration into the labour market is a fundamental prerequisite for successful social inclusion in the target countries. In particular, the report emphasizes that migration is not only a challenge but also a cultural and social opportunity for Europe and that successful integration requires the utmost effort of all stakeholders - both the receiving and the incoming. This insight is the basis for an urgent plea for inclusive and inclusive standard European migration policy. From a Christian-social perspective, we would like to emphasize that migrant workers and refugees must not be considered as mere figures but must be perceived as human beings.

At the same time, the text presents a substantiated systematic discussion of the thematic aspects which EZA and its member centres have dealt with in the seminars on the topic of integration of migrants and refugees in recent years, and points out content-related tendencies for the future on the basis of specific issues it can also be used as a compendium of those planning a seminar on the integration of migrants and refugees in Europe.

With this brochure, EZA also wants to contribute to the European debate on migration and mobility from the perspective of workers' organizations dealing with the subject in their educational work as well as in their day-to-day work at the grassroots level.

The brochure has been published in Portuguese and is available online. The author is Maria Reina Martin.