EZA education and training programme 2024/25

We are pleased to present our educational programme “European Social Dialogue” 2024/25.

The European elections in June 2024 and the great uncertainty regarding a significant increase in (right-wing) populist and extreme parties in the European Parliament, like many national parliaments across Europe, are cause for some concern.

The effects of the war in Ukraine, which is now entering its third year, and the escalation in the Middle East are having repercussions on European societies.
The EZA education programme, which this time we have split into seven theme groups, reflects the direct impact of these events on the realities of the living and working conditions of employees. This includes the theme group “Democracy and social prosperity”, in which the projects focus on the ongoing labour shortage, inflation and the loss of purchasing power, duty of care and equal opportunities in the labour market in all its facets. Similar to every year, European policies, including the action plan for the European Pillar of Social Rights, the green and digital transition, the implementation of the EU directive on fair and adequate minimum wages and the revision of the European Works Councils Directive, are the focus of many training seminars. Other topics include occupational health and safety, for which EZA is again an official partner of the EU-OSHA campaign, public procurement and capacity-building (including a course for young managers).

The target group of our training seminars are multipliers from trade unions and socio-cultural employee organisations, particularly young professionals.

The following pages contain all the information relevant to participation in a seminar, from the seminar content, project sponsors, seminar locations to dates and the anticipated working languages.
Please address questions regarding participation requirements and applications directly to the respective project sponsor.
Please note that dates, locations and formats are subject to change. Please visit the EZA website for the latest news.

We are united in our common aim of strengthening social dialogue in Europe and look forward to some lively participation in the various