Call for donations for Ukraine

EZA supports Ukrainian member Vost-Volya and Poland.

The brutal war, which is contrary to international law, with which Putin and his aides are overrunning Ukraine, is bringing unimaginable suffering and senseless destruction to Ukraine. Millions of people are fleeing within the country and across the borders into neighbouring countries.

Many of our friends from our Ukrainian member Vost-Volya are enduring in Lviv to support their fellow citizens with food, medicine, warm clothing and transport for the flight across the border.

We - EZA and many of our members - support Vost-Volya in their efforts to preserve a minimum of human dignity for the people in Ukraine and to maintain the existence of the Vost-Volya trade union.

European solidarity and willingness to take in refugees from Ukraine in neighbouring countries, especially Poland, is huge. EZA members Europejski Dom Spotkań - Fundacja Nowy Staw and Komisja Krajowa NSZZ "Solidarność" have opened educational houses and holiday centres to accommodate refugees. Solidarność is preparing teaching staff to enable the teaching of refugee children.

With our solidarity and support, we can send a clear signal of humanity, peace, democracy and the rule of law against Putin's barbaric actions. Anyone who would like to support EZA and its members in this can contact the Secretariat.