60 years of social security coordination – from a workers’ perspective

For six decades social security coordination has been part of European Union policy. This is to guarantee that European workers do not lose their security if, for instance, they do not work in their own home country. The "HIVA Research Institute for Work and Society" at KU Leuven has now published a large-scale publication.

The thematic starting point in this publication is the conference held in May 2019 in which the historical context, the current social and political situation and future challenges have been discussed.
Additionally, the former European Commission, led by Jean Claude Juncker, brought their attention back to Europe’s social dimension. This most recent development relates to one of the basic ideas of the EU. Since 1958, various contracts have regulated the framework conditions that make the social dimension of the EU worldwide unique. By looking at the past, conclusions can be drawn about the present and prospects for the future can be made.
The publication was published as an anthology in the Belgian Journal of Social Security. You can find it here in English and free of charge: