What does EZA do?

-In conjunction with its member centres and partners, the EZA holds some 70 seminars a year on questions of European social dialogue. Its target group are multipliers and the leaders of workers’ organisations.

-The EZA advises its member centres and partners on developing projects to enable them to carry out European education and training measures on their own or in collaboration with others.

- The EZA runs courses for deepening and extending skills and knowledge in the European context through the capacity building of the leaders and staff of workers’ organisations.

-EZA promotes thematic networks and platforms among its member centres and other organisations.

The substance of the EZA’s work focuses on current key issues of European social dialogue, such as:

- Worker migration/mobility

- Young people and the world of work

- The digital world of work

- Green jobs

- Capacity building

- Strengthening the social dialogue structures

- Working conditions

- Changes in labour relations and new forms of work

- Gaining new target groups for workers’ organisations and for social dialogue

EZA Educational Programme 2020

Campaign "Healthy Workplaces: Manage dangerous substances"