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Seminars in March 2017

Healthy work places – good practice: Let's learn from each other! 16.03. – 18.03.2017, Belgrade / Serbia WOW (World Organisation of Workers) in co-operation with SS BOFOS (Autonomous Trade Union of Employees in Banks, Insurance Companies and other Financial Organizations of Serbia) Contact: Bjørn van Heusden and Mara Erdelj E-Mail: bavanheusden@wownetwork.be and bofos@sindikat.rs   To...Lesen Sie mehr

EU Commission work programme 2017: what’s in it for the workers?

‘Let 2017 be better than 2016. More peaceful!’ was a frequently heard wish in the past Christmas period. Nevertheless, 2017 will be most likely the year in which the negotiations for a hard Brexit will be initiated. The year in which the United States under a new president will probably change its view on Europe.  But what will happen on the European mainland? The 2017 Commission work...Lesen Sie mehr

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