Joseph Daul visits EZA

Joseph Daul, the Chairman of the European People’s Party (EPP), has paid in October 2016 a visit to the Secretariat of EZA (the European Centre for Workers’ Questions) in Königswinter. Daul and his hosts called for a stronger social dimension of the European Union’s activities and emphasized the “indispensable role“ of the Social Dialogue. They also agreed closer exchanges between more

EZA News no. 3/2016

Subjects: 50th anniversary of Eurofedop; European Commission’s consultation on the Pillar of Social Rights; Erasmus+ project about new approaches in the geriatric care and nursing sector; EZA as the focus of a research paper. DE   EN   FR   HR   ITread more

EZA Contributions to social dialogue 24 published: “Effective Vocational Training as an Important Task for Workers’ Organisations”

The dramatic figures on youth unemployment in recent years have triggered off lively debates in many European countries on the importance of vocational training for young people joining the labour market. It is becoming increasingly clear that effective vocational training systems can make an important contribution to a successful entry into the labour market. Many factors are crucial in more

Seminars in November 2016

EZA initiative to combat youth unemployment in Europe through vocational training

EZA special project for workers' organisations in the Western Balkans