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Conversation with Anna Echterhoff (COMECE)

The protection of Sunday as a non-working day and the fighting youth unemployment: these subjects were in the centre of a discussion with Anna Echterhoff from the Commission of the bishops’ conferences of the European Community (COMECE) held in the EZA secretariat in Königswinter on 28 July 2014. At this occasion the activities of both organisations as well as ideas for a further more

New edition of EZA News

The situation of young people in the European labour market: Focus of the EZA education and training Programme 2014; a series of seminars with 20 projects, with academic assistance from the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), Vienna; Cross-border mobility of workers in Europe: Five projects co-ordinated by the EZA on the issue of “Coordinating social security – an element in more

Sabine Graf visits EZA

On 9 July 2014, Dr. Sabine Graf, the Deputy Chairwoman of the German Trade Union Confederation in North Rhine Westphalia, met representatives from EZA at the organization’s Secretariat for an exchange of views about European social policies and current political issues with relevance for workers. Dr. Graf pointed out that the impact of cross-border factors on employees was more

German Works Councils Day 2014 in Bonn

Major EZA project on the Europe 2020 strategy

EZA mission statement