30-Year Anniversary of the Arbeitnehmer-Zentrum Königswinter (AZK)

The Arbeitnehmer-Zentrum Königswinter, one of EZA’s founding members, has celebrated its 30-year anniversary in July. AZK Executive Director Karsten Matthis and business manager Martina Borgers received congratulations and best wishes for the future of his “Centre for Employees“ from EZA Secretary-General Sigrid Schraml. read more

Comments by the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA) on Brexit

The referendum of the UK population on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom shocked the European Union and left them from perplexed to defiant, while the jubilant songs of the “Leave” campaigners stopped in a surprisingly short time. Despite the movements varying from increasing Eurosceptic to clearly anti-European and populistic in a number of EU member countries and despite the more

EZA President Bartho Pronk visits Cyprus

At the beginning of July, the Chairman of the European Center for Workers’ Questions (EZA), Bartho Pronk, visited the Republic of Cyprus on the invitation of the Cypriot EZA member centre KIKEA-DEOK (Cypriot Institute of Training/Education and Employment (KIKEA) - DEOK). During his visit, he met with the DEOK Executive Board as well as the President of the Republic of Cyprus, more

Seminars in September 2016

Major EZA project on the Europe 2020 strategy

Book “Conditions and Criteria for Social Dialogue in Europe – the Workers’ Perspective”