Policy responses, recovery plans and innovative trade union practices to tackle the social and employment challenges the labour market faces

Hybrid event

The project will serve to exchange views on the effectiveness of national measures proposed or supported by trade unions to mitigate the immediate negative socio-economic impact of the pandemic on the working population.It will provide an overview and the opportunity to exchange of practical experience of workers' organizations and their position towards government and employers on the recovery plans for national measures implemented:

  • to safeguard employment
  • to protect those excluded from the labour market and guarantee schemes to promote job creation
  • programmes to help the most vulnerable groups in society to access social services and government support programmes
  • national initiatives for the resumption of industrial and economic activities based on collectively negotiated work organization focusing on the health and safety of workers
  • protection of workers (including non-standard workers, zero-hour workers and low-paid workers in precarious employment) against the negative effects of the crisis.

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