Efficient organization – in search of new solutions for the development of social dialogue in the age of pandemic

Hybrid event

The project seeks to find answers to the following questions:

  • How is mobile work organized in EU countries and how is it perceived by workers and employers?
  • Have time and wage subsidies protected workers from losing their jobs? Under what conditions?
  • To what extent was the introduction of social and employment-related anti-crisis solutions the subject of social dialogue?
  • How have trade unions adapted their activities in the age of the pandemic? Which solutions worked and which failed?

KK NSZZ "Solidarność" (Komisja Krajowa NSZZ "Solidarność")
Elżbieta Wielg and Józef Mozolewski
Tel.: +48 - 58 - 308 42 41
E-mail: e.wielg(at)solidarnosc.org.pl and zr.podlaskiego(at)solidarnosc.org.pl

Languages: de, en, fr, pl and others

Project no.: 22-08-21-SE