Education and lifelong learning – What brings a "new normal" time?

The seminar tries to give an answer to the question of how to best implement satisfactory training and lifelong learning for workers in the "new normal" times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A special focus is given to young workers entering the labour market for the first time. The seminar is based on the thesis that a better education system and better vocational training will contribute to a faster recovery from the crisis. But both should adapt flexibly to the new conditions on the labour market.

HKD Napredak (Hrvatsko kulturno društvo Napredak)
Franjo Topić and Goran Štrbac
E-mail: info(at)hkdnapredak.com and napredakfutura(at)hi.t-com.hr

Languages: de, en, hr, it

Project no.: 12-03-21-SE