Europe 2020 strategy: the fight against youth unemployment using good offers of vocational training

From 5 to 7 November 2014 took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, a seminar about the “Europe 2020 strategy: the fight against youth unemployment using good offers of vocational training”, organized by ACLI - ENAIP (Associazioni Cristiane Lavoratori Italiani - Ente Nazionale ACLI Istruzione Professionale), with the support of EZA and of the European Union.

Altogether 64 representatives of workers’ organizations from Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands have participated in these seminar.

What was the most important aspect of the Seminar?

The idea was to hold together – as far as young people are concerned – the issue of the mobility (highlighting the features and the requirements) with the dimension of integration. To query the "feeling" of belonging to the European Union and its project by young people and to bring out the potentialities and the opportunities offered, both to the increased possibilities of employment in relation to learning opportunities, linked to the Community initiatives of promotion of youth participation and to social life as in the labor market.

Why was it so important to play on right now the seminar?

The relentless growth of youth unemployment is creating alarm, not only socially but also at the institutional level. We considered it necessary to take action of lobbing by the Associations towards the European Institutions in order to adopt active policies for the employment of young people and enhances the investment plan for the revival of the European economy

On what topic areas has been discussed?

Mobility and youth occupation: situation and comparison within the different EU countries; mobility and emigration: diversity and convergence; mobility and emigration: a comparison between generations; mobility, information and rights in the European area; policies, programs and initiatives in support of young people; social inequality and active citizenship; European civil service; role and initiative of the social partners; young and new technologies.

Results of the seminar

The hypothesis that youth mobility – while constituting a broadening of the employment possibility for the young people and a powerful tool of European integration – has been confirmed by the participants. With respect to this, proposals have been made for improvement in order to:

-          an institutional communication more effective, able to reach the most disadvantaged young people, reactivating policies to reduce the digital divide;

-          recognition of qualifications and diplomas;

-          standardization of social security rights;

-          creation of information services and support for young people on the move.

Unlike the past, the new nobilities rarely constitute stable and long-term period. The young people move in different countries, having to wade through different regulations in many fields, not least the fiscal one. From the young people in Civil Service, that are completing an experience of "protected mobility", came a proposal to realize a European Desk, run by young people but in synergy with other agencies, to provides selected information, suitable for those entering for the first time in an EU country. By the way, close to the Seminar, there have been started some experiments that are giving interesting results (from the counter face-to-face open in Augsburg, to the blog activated in Holland and the production of guides for young people in other European countries).

The ACLI’s are engaged in this regard to sustain the experimentations and to expand the network of participation around them. It has also been relaunched, with good reception, the proposal to activate a European Civil Service, with respect to which the Italian undersecretary to the Ministry of Labour, Luigi Bobba (intervened in video-lecture), confirmed his engagement.